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Custom domain

A domain name is the URL or web address where visitors find your site. By default, all Nolt boards are accessible via the Nolt subdomain, shown as [name-of-your-board] You can also use a domain you already own. To perform this action, follow the steps below.

If your DNS provider does not offer SSL with a reverse proxy, please contact us at to setup your custom domain with our automatic SSL service (beta).

1. Add the DNS record

Go to your DNS provider’s website. If this is the first time you are making this choice, select an option that can issue an SSL certificate. Depending on your DNS provider, editing DNS records can take several hours before the changes are applied across the internet.

  1. Create a new CNAME DNS record.
  2. Enter the subdomain name, for example, the "feedback" of
  3. Type in the hostname (not

2. Configure SSL

For security reasons, we are redirecting HTTP to HTTPS. Depending on the browser the following error messages may appear on your screen "Your connection is not private" or "Your connection is not secure" while trying to open your custom board domain. Let's fix that.

Configure SSL with Cloudflare
  1. Make sure your CNAME record is proxied through Cloudflare (orange cloud icon).
  2. Go to the Page Rules page.
  3. Create a new Page Rule with the following settings:

    [your domain]/* (SSL: Full)

    e.g.* (SSL: Full)

Configure SSL with Amazon CloudFront
AWS CloudFront is no longer supported! Instead: please contact us at to setup your custom domain with our automatic SSL service (beta).
  1. Create a certificate in AWS Certificate Manager.
  2. Open AWS CloudFront and create a new distribution.
  3. Select the Web delivery method.
  4. Origin settings
    • Origin Domain Name:
    • Origin Protocol Policy: HTTPS Only
  5. Default Cache Behavior Settings
    • Viewer Protocol Policy: Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
    • Cache and origin request settings: Use legacy cache settings
    • Cache Based on Selected Request Headers: All
    • Forward Cookies: All
    • Query String Forwarding and Cache: Forward all, cache based on all
  6. Distribution Settings
    • Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs): your custom domain (e.g.,
    • SSL Certificate: Custom SSL Certificate. Select the previously created certificate from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click on Create distribution
  8. Change the previously created CNAME record to point to your CloudFront distribution domain (e.g.,
Configure SSL with Google Cloud
  1. Navigate to Network services > Load balancing.
  2. Create a HTTP(S) Load Balancer.
  3. Select From Internet to my VMs.
  4. Give your load balancer a name: e.g., nolt-load-balancer.
  5. Backend configuration > Create a backend service
    • Name: nolt-backend-service
    • Backend type: Internet network endpoint group
    • Protocol: HTTPS
    • Internet network endpoint group > Create Internet network endpoint group
      • Name: nolt-network-endpoint-group
      • Fully qualified domain name:
      • Create
    • Advanced configurations (Session affinity, connection draining timeout, security policies)
    • Custom headers
      • Host:
      • X-Forwarded-Host:
    • Create
  6. Frontent configuration
    • Name: nolt-frontend
    • Protocol: HTTPS
    • Certificate > Create a new certificate
      • Name: nolt-certificate
      • Create mode: Create Google-managed certificate
      • Domains:
      • Create
    • Done
  7. Create
  8. Wait for the load balancer to be created.
  9. Click on nolt-load-balancer (or however you named your load balancer)
  10. Copy the IP address listed under Frontend
  11. Go to Cloud DNS
  12. Open your zone
  13. Click on Add record set
    • Enter your DNS name: e.g.,
    • Resource record type: A
    • IPv4 address: <paste the copied IP address>
    • Create
  14. Make sure your Nolt board is pointing to your custom domain.
    • Open your Nolt board:
    • Manage Board > Settings
    • Custom domain:
  15. Wait for your load balancer and certificate to be provisioned (this can take up to 15 minutes)

3. Add the domain to your board

Navigate to your board → SettingsCustom domain and enter your domain name in the Custom domain field. It works with root domains ( and subdomains (


  • Your connection is not private / Your connection is not secure. Your website hosting / DNS provider has not issued an SSL certificate. If they support SSL, please wait for another few minutes until your certificate is active. If your DNS provider does not provide SSL support, set up a service like Cloudflare in front of it.
  • There's nothing here, yet. Check the entered text in the CNAME subdomain and the "Custom domain" field in your board settings and make sure you have not misspelled some character.
  • CNAME Cross-User Banned. Make sure your CNAME record is pointing to
  • 403 Forbidden. Make sure your CNAME record is pointing to
  • Page not found. Are you using a custom proxy? Make sure to forward all HTTP headers or, respectively, set the header "X-Forwarded-Host:".