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Simple, yet powerful for tackling
demanding workflows when you need it.


Easily create and share your roadmap in just a few clicks. Prioritize feedback and communicate your big picture.

Custom statuses

Tag posts with the current status. One size doesn’t fit all, which is why you can fully customize them to reflect your unique workflow.

Custom fields

Build personalized workflows by storing essential data relevant to your unique needs, all in one place. Track anything in Nolt.

Store internal notes

You can record sensitive information within private fields while keeping the data in context with your user requests.

Pin a post

Pin posts to the top of your Nolt board to communicate important messages to your users, such as instructions, links or reminders.

Private boards

Your feedback board can be public or private to specific users. Select the privacy setting that best suits your needs.

Manual moderation

Approve posts before they go public. Keep your board clutter-free and ensure sensitive information doesn't get posted.

Password-protected boards

Add a layer of privacy to your Nolt board by setting a password that users will need to access your board.

Disable new suggestion button

Disable and hide the suggestion button so that end-users can only upvote and comment on existing ideas on your board.

SAML 2.0

Set up single sign-on (SSO) using any SAML-based identity provider (IdP), including Okta, OneLogin, and many more.

Anonymous voting

You decide whether or not your end-users can vote and contribute to your feedback board without revealing their identity.

Restrict access by domain

Only allow users that are from a specified domain or list of domains to access your board and submit feedback.

Single sign-on

Automatically connect your existing user accounts and know exactly who is contributing to your feedback board.

Profanity filter

Automatically reject profanity and spam words on your board, keeping your board clean and organized.

Custom domain

By default, your Nolt board will be hosted on, but you can use a custom domain such as

Duplicate detection

Same or different? Nolt helps you to keep your board data organised by preventing duplicate suggestions from being created.

Export to spreadsheet

Seamlessly export your feedback board data to spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Zoho Sheet.

Merge suggestions

Sometimes users create similar ideas. Nolt includes a simple merge tool to assist you in combining ideas quickly.


Set up webhooks if you want Nolt to notify your application when certain events happen in your feedback board.

Custom branding

Reflect your brand and personality by adding your company's logo, using a domain you already own and changing the theme colors.

Website widget

Nolt enables you seamlessly to integrate our platform into your application, eliminating the need for users to leave your website.

Email reports

Stay informed with weekly reports on all your board data. We’ll send you a condensed update of exactly what happened.

Community moderators

Empower specific community members that you trust to become moderators who will help you manage incoming feedback.

Lock conversations

Lock the conversation on a post to defuse heated interactions or when the discussion is no longer constructive.

Status updates

Keep everyone engaged and the conversations moving with automated status updates sent via email. Retain users with ease.


If you want users to understand you, you must speak in their language. Luckily for you, Nolt is fluent in more than 10 languages.


Tired of messy spreadsheets? With custom fields, you can apply tags to signify categories or any other information you find useful.

Markdown support

Want to inject some flavor into your comments? Style your text without having to take your hands off the keyboard.

Ban users

Do you have any troublemakers on your Nolt board? You can ban people and delete all the spam content they generated at once.

Board dashboard

Easily track key metrics, such as completed posts and user engagement. Know exactly what's happening on your board.

User mentions

@Mentions are a useful way of drawing someone's attention to a post or comment by notifying them of your mention.

Email notifications

Automatically notify users via email as you make progress on your roadmap, so they're never left in the dark.


Users can upvote ideas. See which suggestions get the most votes and prioritize your roadmap more efficiently.


Nolt works with the tools you already use, such as Slack, Intercom, and more. Stick with the apps that already work for you.

Vote on behalf

Do you know a user that supports an idea but has no time to vote for it? Make their vote count and vote on their behalf.

Post mentions and auto-linking

We believe that your posts should be free to coexist, intermingle, and link between one another, like your shower ideas.

User profiles

Let users change their photo and personal information. Profiles also help to display a user's activity and stats in a central place.

Change tracking

Nolt makes collaboration a breeze by keeping track of all changes made to a post, including status updates, title changes, and more.

Follow discussions

Users can subscribe to posts that they're interested in to get email notifications when there are new comments and status updates.

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