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Canny vs. Nolt

A Canny alternative that’s simple, beautiful, and affordable

Nolt is an affordable alternative to Canny with better customization options, a beautiful interface, and a range of additional features you didn’t even know you needed. It’s the perfect tool to help you collect and organize customer or team feedback. What makes Nolt so special? We’re glad you asked…

Simple but strong

Nolt is designed to be as lightweight, uncluttered, and bloat-free as possible, making it easy to use no matter how tech-savvy you are. That doesn’t mean it’s not powerful when you need it, though. Under the hood, it’s got all the power and flexibility you could ever want and it’s more than capable of handling demanding workflows.

Fair, simple, and inclusive pricing

As a Canny alternative, pricing is important to us. Instead of having pricing tiers that force you to make a decision about what you need, we’ve kept it simple. Nolt costs $25 per month per idea board. That’s unlimited users, unlimited posts, and uncapped growth. Every tool and feature is included in that price, so there’s nothing you’re missing. Sound fair?

Markdown support for styling

Nolt supports Markdown, meaning you can add code blocks, lists, links, blockquotes, and much more to your feedback tickets. Markdown is supported in comments and custom text fields, too, so you can add rich text to make everything on Nolt more readable.

Flexible with custom fields

Flexibility is everything in agile software, so we’ve sewn it into the fabric of Nolt. You can add custom fields to personalise your workflow, help you categorize and organize information, and remove the need for messy spreadsheets in your life. We don’t want to make things more difficult for you, so we bend where others don’t.

Remembers what you don’t

You can create an admin-only notes field in Nolt to record all the private thoughts you have about a piece of feedback without leaving them on show. Whether you want to make a note about potential costs, indicate priority level, or just leave a reminder to send it on to the relevant team member, we help you keep track of what’s important, secretly.

Maps your progress

Nolt has fully customizable status functionality, so you can decide what the stages in the lifecycle of a piece of feedback are and keep everything properly labeled. You can create as many statuses as you need, call them what you want, and use them how you please to make sure you know what’s up to where.

Chameleon-like customizability

Want your Nolt dashboard to suit your brand? Good job we built in a full range of customization options! You can change everything – from the background color to the text style – to suit your preferences. We’ve got a range of beautiful pre-made color templates to choose from, or you can take control with our flexible settings to get the exact look you want.

Master of one trade, jack of none

Lots of software platforms try to do everything all at once and end up doing none of it well. Nolt is the opposite. We know what we’re good at: collecting and organizing your feedback. So that’s what we do! If you want a platform that tries to wear many hats, with feedback collection teetering at the top of the pile, Canny might work for you. Otherwise, we’re here.

Anonymous, if needed

Some use cases for Nolt require anonymity. Maybe your users’ information is private, or you don’t want to be influenced by details you don’t feel you need. We let you decide whether users need to reveal who they are or even have an account to leave feedback. Easier participation, more feedback, less faces.

Embeddable with SSO for convenience

We built an embeddable widget you can integrate seamlessly into your website and added Single Sign-On support, eliminating the need for your existing users to sign in to Nolt to leave feedback. Our Single Sign-On mechanism means it’s easier than ever for your users to leave feedback and for you to know who it’s coming from, if you choose to.

Clean, pretty, and mobile-friendly

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at feedback, you want it to be presented in the most attractive way possible. We spent a lot of time dressing Nolt up in its finest, with a modern, clean, and fresh design not only making your time with it better, but also making it incredibly easy to use. It’s also mobile-friendly from the ground up so you can browse feedback on the go.

Multi-lingual and cultured

Nolt speaks many languages, with 10+ already supported and more on the way. You can create your feedback board in any supported language, whether that’s the one your users or the people you’re talking to speak. Talking in the right tongue means more engagement, which means more feedback, which means a better result. If your language isn’t supported, we can get it online in less than 48 hours with your help.

Moderated to your liking

There are two roles you can assign to users who you want to assist in managing feedback boards: admin and moderator. You can promote and demote users as you see fit to help you to handle incoming feedback, but you don’t have to give them access to anything you don’t want to. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Welcoming to Canny imports

You’re looking for a Canny alternative, which means you might currently be using Canny. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to know that we support imports of all of your posts, comments, votes, and users from Canny to Nolt. It’s automated, free, and easy enough that you don’t have to call IT. Come and join us, it’s nice over here.
Just $25/month per board and grow all you want.