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User roles

User roles define what actions each user on your board is allowed to perform. As hierarchy increases, so will the number of actions a user is capable of performing. In other words, Owners can do everything Admins and below can do, Admins can do everything Moderators and below can do, and so on.


  • can upgrade and downgrade the board
  • can access the billing history
  • can delete the board
  • + everything in Admin


  • can add and remove team users
  • can change the board settings
  • can configure, enable and disable integrations
  • can configure, enable and disable single sign-on
  • can create, edit and delete fields
  • can create, edit and delete statuses
  • can push a post to a connected service
  • can subscribe to the weekly board report
  • + everything in Moderator


  • can access the board activity
  • can see fields that are marked as Internal
  • can see who voted for a post
  • can vote on behalf of other users
  • can change post titles
  • can change field values
  • can change a post status
  • can lock and unlock posts
  • can merge posts
  • can archive and delete posts
  • can delete comments
  • can ban users
  • + everything in Member


This role is only available in private boards.

  • can access the private board