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Board email notifications to users

With Nolt, you can choose who you want to notify when making a comment or status change. Notifications are sent via email, and users can opt-out of these emails at their choosing.

We recommend using the default notification settings. If you want to make any changes, please review this document carefully so that you understand who will be notified moving forward.

Board email notifications to users options

Please note that this guide covers customizing board notifications to users, not your own account notifications that you receive.

Table of Contents


Original poster

A comment is used to generate a notification that is sent to a user via email. Comments are generated for:

  • Comments on posts
  • Status changes
  • Post title changes
  • Merges

Comments notify

This setting controls who is notified when a comment is posted.

Comment example

By default, comments will notify:

  • OP
  • Commenters
  • Subscribers

Status change comments

By default, status changes generate comments underneath a post that indicate the change. You can disable this by toggling off Status change comments. If you turn this off, then no comments will be generated from status changes, which means no notifications will be sent.

Status change comment

Status changes notify

Here, you can select who is notified by status change comments. By default, OP, Commenters, Upvoters, and Subscribers are notified. We recommend keeping this setting as-is, as every group of these users will likely be interested in a status change.

Status change notify

Title change comments

By default, comments are not generated for title changes. If you turn this on, then it will generate comments for title changes.

Title change comments

Merge source notify

When a post is merged, it generates a comment (and hence, a notification):

Merge commentMerge notification

In a merge scenario, there is the source (the post that is being merged into another) and the target (the post that it is being merged into).

Title change comments

The Merge source notify setting determines who is notified from the source post when a merge is complete.

By default, all users from the source post are notified.

Merge target notify

The Merge target notify setting determines who is notified from the source post when a merge is completed. By default, no users from the target post are notified.