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Custom fields

With Nolt, you get the ability to store all the essential data relevant to your unique needs – in one simple, easy-to-use place. Custom fields let you add additional information to posts and are reusable across your Nolt board.

Custom fields

Available field types

SelectAllows people to select a single value from a list that you define.
Multi-SelectAllows people to select more than one value from a list that you define.
TextEnables people to enter any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols. Markdown supported.

Examples for inspiration

Custom fields help you track information according to your unique needs and remove the need for messy spreadsheets in your life. The name and value of any field are up to you, giving you almost endless possibilities. Here are a few examples:

Custom field example: Priority
Custom field example: Product
Custom field example: Tags
Internal notes
Custom field example: Internal notes
Mockup URL
Custom field example: Mockup URL
Estimated costs
Custom field example: Estimated costs

Formatting content in text fields

Custom text fields are perfect for everything from quick, single-line text to in-depth notes. With Nolt's Markdown support, you can add style and links.

Markdown support in custom fields

Adding a new field

Adding a new custom field (1)
  1. From the board homepage, open any post.
  2. Click on + Add field.
  3. Choose a field type.
  4. Enter a field name in the preselected input field.
Adding a new custom field (2)

Entering a field value

Adding a field option (1)
  1. Click on Empty next to the field you've just created.
  2. In the case of a Text field, you can just start writing, and you’re all set. If you've created a Select or Multi-Select field, we need to add some options to the field before moving on.
  3. Enter the name of the first field option you want to add
  4. Select + Create ...
  5. Voila! You just added the first option to your field. To change the color, rename it, or delete it, you can click on the 3-dots icon.
Adding a field option (2)


Filtering with custom fields
Learn how to filter posts using custom field values.

Customizing the posting form
Customize the form to make it more relevant to your use case.