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Building a Nolt community

Sure, anyone can set up their very own Nolt board in just a few minutes. But how do you get people to go there? This guide provides some tips on running a successful feedback board.

Examples on how to link to your board from your website
  • Add a link to your website: Too often, a community is hidden on a company website. Make it easy for your users to stumble upon your Nolt board. Good places to put the link are the main navigation or the footer.
  • Embed our widget: Nolt lets you seamlessly integrate the platform into your website with our embeddable widget. Collect feedback from your users where they already are.
  • Customize the board description: Every community has a purpose. What's yours? That's what the board description in the header should explain. Keep in mind – this is prime real estate. Make it short and put your best copy here.
  • Announce your feedback board officially: Send out an announcement email, write a blog post, and let your followers know about the new possibility to give them a voice.
  • Add a link to your emails: Insert your board link in your email template for marketing, transactional and personal emails.
  • Link from your social media accounts: Many platforms provide an "About" section where you can fill in additional information about you or your business.
  • Keep your board full and fresh: Nobody wants to be the first person on the dance floor. Make sure that your board isn't empty and stale. Add your own ideas that you want to validate if you've just started collecting feedback or your board is getting empty.
  • Show your best smile: Don’t forget to upload a smiling avatar of your face to show the real person behind your feedback board. Appearing happy can make you look more trustworthy.
  • Be super responsive: Someone is giving you the gift of their precious time by leaving a suggestion. Isn't that awesome? Respond in a timely manner and treat each contributor as a special person by giving them a friendly response every single time. It will make a big difference. Invite your team to help you monitor the feedback board and engage with your community.
  • Encourage a dialogue: Ask questions and clarify what someone is saying. Acknowledge contributions and integrate their ideas into your suggestions. Always be there, listen and show everyone you care.