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Nolt powers user research at hundreds
of companies around the globe.

Teams that switch to Nolt have a better understanding of what their customers really care about. They make strategic decisions faster and build better customer relationships while saving hundreds of hours of unnecessary work.

The integration of Nolt into my mobile app has helped me tremendously to understand what my users really want. Nolt is by far the best way for me to organize feedback and ideas and to keep my users informed about the status of each suggestion.
Sven Ziegler
Thanks to Nolt, I can crowdsource product ideas and let my customers express their priorities freely. It's a great way to increase user engagement while getting ideas for what you should build next. I also love how Nolt closes the loop and notifies interested customers when a feature goes live.
Uku Täht
“Nolt is the best for this, by far
Love the simplicity of the product and thoughtful features that we need to create participation of our community in decision making. I highly recommended Nolt!
Pradeep Sharma
Invide Labs
Nolt was very easy to set up, and the support was very fast. The tool helps us to get new ideas from people both inside and outside of The Salvation Army. We definitely recommend Nolt to anyone wanting an easy and fast way to collect ideas.
Dean Bates
The Salvation Army
It took us a while, but we finally found the perfect product to centralize feedback. Nolt is minimalistic, intuitive, and just beautiful. It's the most efficient way to listen and interact with our community.
Itamar Madar
The SCP Foundation
“My users are engaged and happy like never before“
Nolt has allowed us to offer transparent roadmapping and feature request updates for our open source project, all while being wrapped in a beautiful yet customizable dashboard that our users love!
Jagandeep Brar
“Nolt fits our needs perfectly!“
“We finally found the perfect product to centralize feedback“
As a startup on a tiny budget, we were looking for a super-lightweight customer feedback solution that just worked right out of the box. Nolt fits our needs perfectly!
Greg Hamilton
We tried several other tools for managing and gathering user feedback, but they were either too expensive, had an outdated look or were lacking functionalities. Besides the reasonable price and the very modern easy-to-use interface, what we love about Nolt is the ability to suggest ideas or vote on them anonymously. Most of the users don't like signing up for something they may use only once. Even if they act anonymously, they do have the option to subscribe to specific ideas, so it's a win-win situation.
Ervin Kalemi
Nolt works like a charm! Only after three days, more than 8000 votes, 220 comments, and 80 ideas have been submitted. A suggestion with over 1000 upvotes got implemented, and my users are engaged and happy like never before.
Michał Tajchert
“Love the simplicity
I really enjoy using Nolt! The app is focused on what's essential, and it's super easy to customize things and understand how things work. I also love the transparent and affordable PRO model.
Sebastiano Guerriero
Nolt enables us to get clarity over the features we should build next. By opening up our backlog, which is predominantly made up of feature requests from our users, we democratise our product build, ensuring the voice of our customer is at the center of our development. Nolt makes it super easy!
Hassan Rajwani
Thanks to the seamless integration and ease of use, we were able to gather valuable feedback from our users that helped make our platform what it is today. Try Nolt, you won’t regret it!
Ryan Megidov
Just $25/month per board and grow all you want.